GET MORE from your BANK

When a bank cannot provide all the credit demanded by a customer, we can usually fund the balance, or an alternative.

As well as the usual offers of  secured loans, equipment leasing and invoice finance, we provide ;-

* unsecured loans to £100k for established ltd companies.

* unsecured loans for professions, doctors/dentists/solicitors/accountants.

* cash advances for retailers who are paid by credit cards, e.g. hotels, restaurants, off- licenses, beauty salons, convenience stores, garage services.

*single invoice (over £30k value) discounting – no ongoing commitment.

* invoice finance for unloved sectors – e.g. construction and start ups.

* for distressed companies, 100% advances against unpaid sales invoices.

* trade finance for importers/exporters/wholesalers.

* development funding (£500k +) for mid size  growth companies.

* leasing for difficult deals – small purchases or ‘undesirable’ assets.

* cashback from SSAS pensions , R&D grants, Capital Tax allowances.

* mezzanine finance to top up mortgage loans for residential and commercial property developers.

* loans secured on valuable cars, antiques, paintings etc.

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